Hey everyone! So I am back with another favourites post but this one solely focuses on one thing- my favourite café.

First of all, let me tell you, I am not big on cafes. Even though I love them, I usually prefer preparing drinks like cold coffee, hot chocolate and other snacks  by myself. I find that more fun over spending lots of money on a chicken sandwich. Cafes here aren’t as inexpensive and the tax rate makes it even worse.

So, I do go to cafes but not very often. Recently, I visited this new one near my house, called Mrs. Magpie, and it instantly became my favourite!


MRS. MAGPIE                                                                                                                                

This cafe is extremely cute as its sweet name and has a very girly and an adorable ambiance. It is very well decorated and the fairy lights and old, french style furniture give off warm and cozy vibes. It literally looks like a toy store from the outside.


It has a doll house decor going on with little benches and pink walls. It is the perfect place to catch up and gossip with friends and family over delicious little tea cakes and yummy beverages to wash it down. Beautiful pictures adorn its walls and there is a display by the door showcasing their famous muffins and cakes.



Mrs. Magpie is styled like an old English cottage by the countryside. They serve from English breakfast to pizza to delicious desserts like custards, brownies and muffins in small and regular sizes. Their hot chocolate is out of the world!


We ordered Chicken Sliders which consists of 3 mini burgers with a side of chips, a lemon iced tea, an orange juice and two cupcakes. Thankfully, it’s quite affordable and didn’t burn a hole in my pocket.



They also have a play area for kids where they can play and have fun. So, there is no doubt that kids will absolutely adore the place!

Screenshot_20170503-145653_1 (1).jpg

All in all, it is a very fun, fairy like cafe and a perfect spot for chit chats and tea parties. With the little old chairs and tables it will definitely remind you of children’s tea parties.

Thank you all for checking out this blog post! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

“Food is essential to life. Therefore, make it good”



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