Hey everyone! Hope y’all are doing good. So as you can tell by the title, my school life has come to an end and even though it didn’t feel as bad at first, I am really starting to miss going to school by the school bus, the double periods of economics and accountancy and business studies and obviously sharing lunch with friends during lunch hour. I am so going to miss the greasy, fried, yummy food that my friends would bring for lunch and I’m pretty sure that they’ll miss my famous sandwiches too!

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Just so you know, my board exams (finals for 12th grade) are still on, and I am waiting to give the last exam on 29th April, which is Entrepreneurship. So, technically my school life is over but after my results come out online in May, I still get to go to school for some time to collect the report card.

So today I am gonna write about the things that I absolutely love about my school and will miss for the rest of my life.


TEACHERS– I am definitely going to miss the teachers. They were extremely friendly and very caring. We did have a couple strict teachers but they had such a good sense of humour and understood the students so well. We were literally like one big family at school. After a certain age, they would treat us like adults and have friendly conversations instead of scolding us like kids. They were literally our friends. I remember, on Friendship Day, so many girls would tie friendship bands around their favourite teachers’ wrists.


FRIENDS– You saw that coming didn’t you? 😉 So, at school we had formed this really nice bond and friendship with everyone really. There was no bullying at school which is amazing! I am very lucky to have an amazing school life. Whenever our sections would be changed at the beginning of a new session, most of us would be disheartened if we didn’t have our friends in the same section. But eventually, we would make some really good friends. I have seen people, who used to detest each other turn into best friends!

RANDOM TRIPS TO OUR SCHOOL AUDITORIUM– We often had debates, career counseling, singing, dancing and various other programmes in our school auditorium which was around 10-15 minutes away from school (by bus). People from abroad were even invited to share their life and career experiences with us. It was absolutely amazing! I love how great opportunities my school gives to its students to learn and evolve globally. There were times when we were made to watch movies in the auditorium. Many a times, we would receive food packages from confectionaries or even chips, soft drinks and snacks while returning school after the end of the programmes.

SPECTRUM– So, Spectrum is like a musical rhapsody held every 4 years. We used to start practicing for this rhapsody 3 months before. We were made to practice dancing in different recreation grounds and after practice was over, we used to get cold drinks and snacks which was the best part about all the hard work! Spectrum is a huge musical festival organized by 3 schools owned by the Birlas (one of the biggest Indian industrialist family). Famous celebrities like the Bollywood superstar Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, India’s Olympic boxing champion Mary Kom and many are invited as the chief guests every Spectrum. This amazing festival promotes dancing, food, singing, friendship and love.


SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND FESTIVALS– Now how is my school special and different from others? Well, it literally celebrates each and every festival, be it teacher’s day, children’s day, New Year (English, Bengali and Hindi), Christmas, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and so many more! Two of my favourite celebrations at school are-

A) CHILDREN’S DAY– So, this is celebrated on 14th of November, every year. As the name suggests, it is the day for us, students. Our teachers would dance and sing for us. They would often dress up as students and other funny characters and perform funny plays for us. We would also receive gifts like bags, stationery, mp3 players and other good stuff.


B) FAREWELL– So, after our final session i.e. 12th grade comes to an end, the students are invited to the school farewell party where we had to wear Indian traditional sarees. The juniors decorate the school ground with lights and craft work and organize drama, dance and singing functions. Awards are given to best students. The best of farewell 2017 was the amazing food and performance by the juniors!


So those were the top 5 things about my school that I will miss immensely along with many others. Even though it kinda makes me sad, I try to look at it as the start of something new i.e. college life.

Thank you so much if you’ve made it so far! Let me know the things that you miss in the comments down below! Also, feedback and suggestions are always welcome!                                                                                                                                                                               “Memories are timeless treasures of the heart”


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