MY TOP 5 FAVOURITES OF 2016 (You’re never too late! XD)

Hey everyone! I cannot believe 2016 is over. Last year went incredibly fast. I miss 2016 already! Time flies, doesn’t it? Sometimes, I do face the problem of writing ’16 instead of ’17 while writing the date. But I will soon get the hang of it! 2016 had been a roller coaster ride, just like any other year, but it did make me a better person. There have been ups and downs. Since I love to cherish the good old times of life, I am gonna highlight the things that I had loved in 2016 and still do.


SaladThis is definitely my favourite. I absolutely love to eat! Last year, in terms of healthy food, I have not only developed a taste for sautéed veggie salad but also loved it. I have always loved fresh fruit salad as well, but I was amazed at how delicious it tasted with fresh, homemade, chilled yogurt. Definitely give that a shot 😉        




ChocolatesChocolates are the love of my life! I first tried the new Cadbury Silk Bubby around June- July and oh my god! Even though it tasted similar to the usual Cadbury chocolates, it blew my mind. Chocolates have so much power to boost your mood, I swear!                                                                                                                                 


Sandwich- I have loved the oh-so-cheesy chicken sandwiches from this cute café called Stargazey, opposite this shopping centre I go to. It is so delicious and they give free crisps with it as well. Yum!                                  



InstagramEven though I’ve been on Instagram for more than two years now, I have rediscovered my love for the wonderful app in 2016.    

You TubeIn 2016 I have discovered so many beautiful, talented youtubers like Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii), Mel Joy, Kalyn Nicholson, Olivia Jade, Niomi Smart, Debasree Banerjee and the list goes on and on. I have also loved travel vlogs a lot in 2016.

SnapchatThis one has become my favourite very quickly. It is so good to see snaps of youtubers, celebs and bloggers. Not only can I get a peek of their daily lives but Snapchat is probably the closest thing to a portal in my world which lets me travel to faraway places without even leaving my bed. And I wish my passport kept record of all the places I have travelled.



Love ActuallyOh, this is such a cute, funny and romantic movie. This is one of the best movies I have watched with so many well known, talented actors from Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Grant to Keira Knightly and so many more. The movie is about eight couples and their different ways to deal with their relationships. Watch the trailer here:                         


Like Sunday, Like RainThis is such a beautiful movie starring Leighton Meester, one of my fav actresses and Billi Joe Armstrong. The movie tells the story of Reggie, a 12 year old Manhattan boy who is a prodigy and is surrounded by wealth. He leads a secluded life since his parents are frequently absent and busy. Eleanor is a musician who faces problems in her relationship with her boyfriend and is fired from her job. The movie portrays the unbreakable bond and friendship between the two characters.This is a beautiful, heartwarming story about love and acceptance. Watch the trailer here:


Anna dressed in blood– I had shoved this poor book in the back of my book shelf for more than a year. I didn’t read it until August, 2016. It is such an interesting book by Kendare Blake about a ghost girl, Anna and Cas, a boy who had inherited an unusual vocation from his father-he kills the dead. This is a paranormal romance and is definitely my favourite genre of books.  


Hush, Hush- This is another paranormal romance/fantasy by Becca Fitzpatrick which is about fallen angels. It is a story about Nora who falls in love with Patch, a fallen angel. Nora also discovers her angelic heritage.


Bare Minerals MascaraI received the Bare Minerals Lash Domination mascara last year from my aunt. This was one of the gifts from the States. The mascara does a very good job of lengthening and voluminizing my lashes and it isn’t clumpy as well. Since my lashes are quite thick and really long, it makes them look gorgeous.          


Oriflame Body CreamThis is an amazing body cream that does an excellent job of keeping my skin hydrated for a long time. It contains sesame oil which is rich in antioxidants; hence it gets easily absorbed into the skin, nourishing it from deep inside and promoting skin softness. The cream has a very smooth, silky texture and isn’t very thick which makes it very easy to blend.                  

Escada PerumeThis is also one of the gifts that I’d received from my aunt. The perfume has a very fresh floral, fruity scent which is feminine and soft. Its packaging is really elegant and the liquid perfume is pink in colour.                                                            

Those were all of my favourites from 2016. Do let me know your favourites and opinions in the comments below. I hope 2016 was great for you. If not, make 2017 YOUR year. Let it be a year full of fulfillment of dreams, love and positivity ❤

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”


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