A letter to my younger self

Dear Younger self,                                                                        

Hey! So I am writing this letter to you in February 2017. You are probably too young to understand what I speak of but oh well. Better give you a heads up. Firstly, I should mention that not even one month is left for your board examinations, the most important exam in your life. Yes, the last exam of your school life is barely a month away, your pre- boards are over and you have already attended your school farewell a week ago in a beautiful saree. You did look stunning!                

In 11th standard you will select Commerce without Maths as your subject in the very last moment. You will find subjects like Business Studies, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy very interesting and you will have absolutely no clue about these subjects until 11th standard. Thankfully your parents won’t pressurize you into taking up Science unlike most. In 10th standard you will lose quite a lot of weight and puberty will hit you and make you look a lot better than you already are. Surprisingly, you will grow taller (5’5 ), a lot fairer and your now bushy, shapeless eyebrows will look much better as well. But you will make new friends in 10th standard that aren’t your type and you will do some bad things as well that will jeopardize your Board results in grade 10. 

Image result for guitar tumblr         

Eventually, you will grow out of it in 11th standard since you will be separated from your ‘friends’ as you’ll take a different stream in the day section while most of them will be in the morning section. Not only will you make new, good friends but you will also improve in academics in the two years of your school life immensely and you will become much matured. Even though you will suffer from insecurity and depression at times, you will be powerful enough to pull yourself up in the dark times. You will become matured enough to realize that your happiness is so much more important than others opinions on you. You will no longer be the silly little chatter box like now. By the time you turn 17; you will become quieter and have fewer friends. Unlike before, you will become more observant, a good listener and value your dreams and career more than friends. FYI, you won’t have a boyfriend and your opinions on marriage will remain just the same. You will become more supportive of your mother and your little sister will become your best friend. And oh have I mentioned that you and your sister will look very alike? You will also fulfill your dream of learning to play the guitar in grade 11 and by March, 2016 you will own a beautiful Yamaha guitar which will be gifted by your aunt. What a shocker! (Note the sarcasm). You will finally learn to play your favourite song ‘Butterfly Fly Away’ by Miley Cyrus on the guitar.  

At 16, you will meet some genuinely nice people who will inspire you and you will learn to deal with haters and mean people in general. There will be smiles and tears but at the end of the day, you will be thankful to God for who you are and you will strive to  become a stronger, much better version of yourself and live your life to the fullest potential with no regrets! Learn to shut your stupid mouth for once and listen to others. When you speak you are repeating the things you already know but when you observe and listen to people, you will not only learn new things but you will also be able to judge yourself.      

                                               Image result for haters quotes tumblr

Remain happy, positive and kind and don’t let the negative aspects of life get to you. Make your dreams come true, work hard and be unbreakable. Remember, you don’t have to please everyone since most people won’t get to know the real ‘you’. But they’ll know your work. Don’t fear anyone or anything as fear can paralyze you and prevent you from doing things that you love.                                                                                                                                                   All the love,                                                                                                                                                         Rai        

“Happy are those people who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life”



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